Mandy, steal Grim's scythe and go cause some destruction!!!! >:D


Submitted by complacency-ofthe-learned
((Grim's smiling sprite feels a little odd to me. Do you have one with his usual scowl that says "I hate my life of indentured servitude to two mortal children"?))

i’ll attempt this when i have a little more time
i mean to sprite more but- 

so much going on right now blarg

What if, to challenge the kids, Billy were a Mage and Mandy a Sylph?

i know these are classes but i don’t even-
what is a sylph omg i really to to start reading homestuck again 

Wouldn't Grim look like a Guardian?

oh man i’ma be hardcore straight up here and admit that i’ve only read up to like act 5 of homestuck like a year ago
and i just don’t even have any clue what any of this even is
i just wanna sprite but i think i’ll open up the submission box 
so if anyone has any theories or whatever submit them i guess??? 

this is the best au idea ever. <3